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Presentation of Umanotera

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Umanotera is translating the principles of sustainable development into a way of life by introducing examples of inspiring good practices and increasing the availability of benevolent products.

Through its activities Umanotera fosters the values of entrepreneurship, creativity, partnership and quality.

Why sustainable development?

Umanotera understands sustainable development as a dynamic balance between man and nature, which allows social justice and intergenerational solidarity. Sustainable development also means that people should exploit the unlimited capability of their minds instead of exploiting limited natural resources. Only in this way will we be able to leave our environment and resources to future generations in the best possible condition.



Lighthouse of sustainable development practices

Initiator of necessary change
Organizational values:
Global awareness
Freedom to decide and act
Collaboration and cooperation

Key abilities of the organization:
Alternative way of thinking
Education and development of new social values and structures
Strategic networking of governmental, non-governmental and economic actors
Effective implementation of goals and projects

Policy development and the development of a sustainable society
Establishing structures for the development of a parallel economy
Raising awareness of the necessary changes and opportunities in the transition to a sustainable society
Systematic development of good practice
Effective development of the necessary products and services

Key stakeholders:
Local Communities

The media

Low carbon society:
The releases of GHG (Greenhouse gases) in Slovenia by the year 2020 has to be within the national share of the carrying capacity of the planet
Socially just society:
Society, which replaces the GDP indicator by a more appropriate one, allows equal opportunities for al and offers
Locally self-reliant society:
Basic needs of Slovenia have to be covered by local resources (energy, food, water and other natural resources) within their carrying capacity by 2020
Open society:
Non-government sector is equivalent to the public and private one - the employment rate in non-governmental sector is 6 per cent by 2020
Participatory democracy


Plan B - Initiative for a Sustainable Development

Project Plan B is a network of Slovenian environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and experts, forming a broad civil society platform for sustainable development in Slovenia, along with other interested stakeholders. The primary objective of the NGO network within Plan B is to support long-term sustainable operation of environmental NGOs and to strengthen the qualification of environmental NGOs in Slovenia in two ways: by encouraging their active role in the democratic processes of policy formulation and in monitoring implementation of policies, and also by encouraging their participation and partnership. A secondary objective of the project is to improve the awareness of citizens and to encourage their engagement in environmentally-oriented public matters.

Mirror to the Government

Mirror to the Government - Green Non-Governmental Monitor is designed to monitor and evaluate implementation of the commitments and legislation of the principles of sustainable development in various sectors. The project aims to measure the gap between pre-election promises and commitments in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development, and their post-election implementation. It also aims to reduce the implementation gap by government authorities and to promote civil society as an equal partner. The purpose of Mirror to the Government is also to promote interest in sustainable development among decision-makers and in the broader public.

Krilca, Gifts with Magic Powers

Umanotera obtained the inspiration for the project Wings from a UK charity organisation The Charities Advisory Trust, which in 2003 introduced the innovative concept of giving Good Gifts. A special, thoughtful gift is given to one of the many good deeds by individual’s choice from a catalogue. Since 2007, ethical, socially responsible and sustainable gifts are also available in Slovenia. Umanotera named the gifts Krilca, darila s čarobno močjo (Wings, Gifts with Magic Powers). The purpose of the project is to provide a permanent income to selected socially responsible projects in Slovenia, former Yugoslavian countries and developing countries. The gift recipient is presented with a personally dedicated illustrated gift card, informing him of the gift cause and the donor. All gift money goes to partner charity organisations, which are committed to employ it exclusively for the chosen gift purpose

Inconvenient Truth Slide Show

Vida Ogorelec Wagner, managing director of Umanotera, is a certified presenter of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth slide show. The lecture presents comprehensive and vivid description of problems of climate change on a global scale , updated with information on Slovenia. Vida received a certificate by The Climate Project, following training in Nashville and has given over 120 presentations to various audiences in Slovenia and internationally since 2007.

Additionally, Umanotera is very active on climate change, organising events and campaigns on this issue, raising public awareness and partnering with other organisations.

Fair Trade shop 3MUHE

The shop 3MUHE (3FLIES) is the first store in Slovenia, where products using the principles of fair trade are on sale. It is a trading partnership which seeks greater equity in international trade. An increase of income and choices for poor producers from less developed regions and the return of their dignity are just some of the goals of fair trade. The shop 3MUHE in Stari trg 30, Ljubljana gives individuals real opportunities to change the world for the better. 3MUHE are the evidence that a fair purchase is possible.

Contact details:

Umanotera, The Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development
Postal address: P.O. box 4440, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Office address: Trubarjeva 50, Ljubljana, Slovenia

tel:  00 386 1 439 71 00
fax: 00 386 1 439 71 05

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Umanotera, Slovenska fundacija za trajnostni razvoj, ustanova
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