Razstava Na vroči strani Alp sedaj tudi v angleškem jeziku

Virtualno razstavo Na vroči strani Alp si sedaj lahko ogledate tudi v angleškem jeziku pod naslovom On the Hot Side of the Alps.

What will summers in Ljubljana look like at the end of the century? Will low-lying ski resorts be completely abandoned? How will populated coastal towns cope with sea level rise? Those and other questions are covered in the new photo exhibition “On the Hot Side of the Alps”, which deals with possible impacts of climate change in the small Alpine country Slovenia.

The exhibition On the Hot Side of the Alps illustrates experts’ predictions about what life in Slovenia might look like at the end of the 21st century if we do not act on climate change now. We are not looking far into the future, as even today’s children will experience these changes.

Nonetheless, the purpose of the exhibition is not to arouse fear. It was prepared as a warning to demonstrate that climate change is a serious threat to the type of lives we live today. On one hand, the exhibition shows the expected consequences of our current unsustainable lifestyle, on the other hand, it highlights an equally important fact: that we can still avoid such a future. The future impacts of climate change will largely depend on the development of society and the economy in the coming two decades, and the success of limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

If you are interested in Slovenia and how climate change may affect its landscapes and people, you are warmly invited to a (virtual) visit on the “hot side of the Alps”.