Videi dobrih praks blaženja podnebnih sprememb sedaj tudi z angleškimi podnapisi

Trije videi dobrih praks blaženja podnebnih sprememb, ki smo jih v Umanoteri pripravili v okviru projekta CARE4CLIMATE, so sedaj na voljo tudi z angleškimi podnapisi.

Umanotera is presenting a series of short videos, which showcases selected Slovenian good practices for climate change mitigation. The three presented good practices, which have successfully reduced greenhouse gas emissions, come from entirely different fields – the first one shows energy efficiency in industry, the second demonstrates concrete examples of sustainable production, whilst the third focuses on implementing sustainable mobility measures.

Despite these good practices being very different from each other, they share a fundamental principle: they prove that impactful changes towards a climate-neutral society are both possible and practically feasible. Moreover, their implementation also brings a number of synergies: creating financial savings and new green jobs, offering innovative solutions and developmental opportunities, protecting environment and public health and increasing quality of life in general.


More information on these good practices can be found in the following videos (with English subtitles).