Will enlargement weaken EU policy on GMOs? EU enlargement – GMO through the backdoor of EU accession?

Schweiger Thomas, Iza Kruszewska, Geert Ritse

Umanotera, 2003

This report provides an overview of the main laws of the European union pertaining to genetically modified organisms, used in food and agriculture. The fast speed of commercialisation of genetically modified seeds and food and the unforeseen consumer rejection of GM food in the EU, has resulted in continuous of existing EU laws and a plethora of proposed new legislation. Despite the dynamic nature of EU policy on GMOs, one thing is clear, the EU is moving towards more transparent and increasingly restrictive laws regulating GMOs.

Given that EU laws on GMOs lack any provisions for EU enlargement, this report attempts to address the following questions:

– What are the implications of EU enlargement on agriculture and food policy in accession countries?

– What are the implications of EU enlargement on GMO policy and legislation in the EU?

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